It can be difficult to introduce toys into the bedroom. In most relationships, men are often uncomfortable using sex toys for several reasons. I believe the main reason is miseducation. Contrary to common belief, a sex toy cannot replace the real thing; sex. There is something about the touch, warmth, and chemistry with another person that a sex toy cannot replace. Yes, sex toys help you “get your rocks off,” but let’s face it. We all prefer hot, sweaty, and wet sex. With that being said, it is important that this sentiment is thoroughly communicated with your significant other to build trust. Do not make him feel incompetent while you are trying to persuade him to bring sex toys into the bedroom.

Sex toys are suppose to enhance your sexual experience with your lover; not replace it. Yes, people take on a vow of celibacy and purchase sex toys to “get their rocks off,” and this method is sustainable for a period of time. I’m not discrediting the benefits of masturbating by any means. Masturbating is healthy as it allows you to get to know your body. As it relates to relationships, sex toys are created to add levels of spice.

I believe that a lot of men also have a false understanding of what qualities as a sex toy. Not all so toys vibrate. There are sex toys that exist outside of dildos and vibrators. A sex toy is defined as any object or device used for sexual stimulation or the enhancing of sexual pleasure. With that being said, other sex toys include handcuffs, collars, lubricant, massage oil, cock rings, etc. Make him see how the toy of choice can benefit both parties, and he just my be more willing to spice things up and let you bring a sex toy into the bedroom. Now, you may be wondering, which sex toy we recommend would be good for starters. Subscribe to receive your customized box and find out. Leave that to the experts, and let us guide you and your lover to new levels of sexual pleasure.

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