Shopping for personal Lubricants or lube can be tricky. The market is so saturated. Almost every company manufactures their own lube, which lends to the question: “Which one do I buy?”

Let’s start with what makes each lubricant different. The base of the product is what you need to pay attention to. You have water based, oil based, silicone based and hybrid based lubricants.

Water based lubricants are safe in that that they are least likely you cause you to have a break out breakouts and infections. Water based lubes are also great for almost any form of play such as: vaginal, anal, silicone toys, glass toys, plastic toys, and latex condoms.

Water also serves as the base in flavored/kissable lubricants.


The biggest benefit of non-water based lubes is that they last a lot longer than water based lube. Let’s go down the list.

Oil based lubes can be used for vaginal, anal, silicone toys, glass toys, and plastic toys. The type of oil used varies based on the manufacturer. Be sure to read the ingredients. DO NOT used oil based lube with latex condoms as the oil eats away at the latex making it porous and allowing semen and sexually transmitted diseases to be transmitted.

Silicone Lubes can be used for glass toys, plastic toys, and latex condoms. DO NOT use silicone lubricant with silicone items. Although it sounds like the perfect match, silicone lubricant will dissolve the material of your silicone toy/item.

Hybrid lubricants are created by combining silicone and water based lubricants for maximum increase in usage. With combination creates a product that offers the perfect amount a slickness while being stain resistant unlike oil and silicone based lubricants. Make sure you or your partner are not allergic to silicone before use. This lubricant can be used for vaginal, anal, glass toys, plastic toys, and latex condoms.

Ladies, be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in your lubricant before use. Be safe and enjoy!

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