This post covers the basics of how to hogtie your lover. If you have already mastered the hogtie, stay tuned for our posts that will cover more advanced techniques. With no further of due, let’s begin.

The hogtie is a tying technique that binds ones hands and feet together. This form of tying is also used on animals; However, I will spare you those details as we do not deal In the hunting or torturing of animals.
You are probably viewing this post because you recently bought some rope to restrain your lover, or you receive our 32feet of rope in your L’Amour Secret box and want to know exactly how to use it. Creating the knots that form the hogtie can be a bit difficult, and being that a picture is worth a thousand words, I provided you with a video explaining how to hogtie someone.

We highly recommend that you receive the person’s consent before subjecting them to this form of restraint.

Do NOT leave the individual alone or tied up for an extended period of time (15minutes MAX).

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