Welcome to L’Amour Secret where the only thing between you and your fantasies is your room door. This blog will provide tips and ideas for uses of our products, advice for ways to spice up your sex life and interesting topics to help explore your future fantasies & adventures.

In our first edition, we would like to open up the topic of “Breaking the Routine of Predictable Intimacy”

Communicate with your partner.
Communication is key in any healthy relationship and talking about things you would like to experience or sexual acts you don’t do enough are important when you are working on your intimate encounters. Find out what turns your partner on, what turns them off, what are there fantasies and things they want to do. Knowing is half the battle and will save your time, money and effort in attempts that although maybe honorable but don’t exactly get the job done.

Educate yourself.
First and foremost, it’s ok to feel confident in your skills but never be afraid to try new things. There are always techniques and things you can learn that will help show your desire to please your partner and encourage them to do the same. Read, watch videos and participate in group classes that touch on topics that you either know nothing about, know very little, spark interest for you and/or your partner, or simply an opportunity to find out more about taking things to the next level.

Change the routine.

It’s easy to get caught up in schedules, timing, planning and falling into routines to make our lives more manageable and easier to maneuver through. Although we think it’s less complicated, at times it becomes predictable, boring and tarnishes the spontaneity that we often desire.

Plan a day of hooky from work where both of you call out and stay home to play. Kids, family members, sports, school, work and a ton of other daily activities and responsibilities often complicate a couples ability to enjoy each other in peace, quiet and privacy. Get a sitter, get a hotel room, and use your Lamour Secret box to start your adventure.

Sexy Texts & Pics.

A free and easy to execute way is online and phone fantasy play. The stimulation normally experienced in the bedroom doesn’t have to remain within the confines of your personal bedroom space. Entice your partner with fun, flirty and seductive text messages, photos of fun items from your Lamour Secret box to their phone, videos of you showing them what’s waiting on them, video chat and even engage in fun phone play. Whether a tough day at work, a long distance departure or just a random message that gets them in the mood and let’s them know you are in the mood, can transform your intimate relationship over night.

We yearn for the attention and confirmation we are desired by our partner. Time can make us feel like we don’t excite our partner(s) anymore and an unexpected intimate text message, photo or communication can definitely reignite that fire you once had.

We hope that gives you some insight and helps you in your efforts to bond with your partner!

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